How to Make Money with Chickens in Farming Simulator 22

How to Make Money with Chickens in Farming Simulator 22

First, the very important thing that you need to take into account when thinking about raising chickens, is that you will need a flat surface.

So, naturally, what you will need is a field. You must eliminate all the weed from the field and then you are already ready to go ahead and buy some Chicken Coop from the Animal Pens.

We think that it would be best for the start to buy a Small Chicken Coop and if you need more, you can always upgrade later on.

So, the instructions are clear – just go ahead and buy a Small Chicken Coop and put it onto your field. Afterward you can actually start growing chickens.

How to Make Money with Chickens

In simple terms, the way to earn money if you are growing chickens in your field is to raise them until they start producing eggs. Then, you can sell those eggs separately and you will earn money.

So, do you have your Chicken Coop ready? If the answer is yes, then just go ahead to the Animal Dealer and get yourself some chickens.

The amount you can buy partially depends on your money, so the more you have, the more you can purchase, but only up to the limit of your Pen.

The chickens should be fed with barley or wheat. You buy the food for your chickens in any store and then it should be moved by the vehicles that you own to your Chicken Coop.

The best bet that we would suggest you would be to attach a front loader to a tractor – you most likely already own one but if not then you should definitely buy it.

If you have a Small Coop then you will need around 1k liters of food to feed them all, but if you decide to buy a Large Chicken Coop then you most likely will need around 5k.

We want to remind you that it is extremely important to have your Chicken Coop always clean because it will keep your chickens busy and productive, so they will produce more eggs and as a result, you will earn money.

After your chickens lay the eggs and you collect them, just put them into boxes because you will be able to sell them. Of course, you will need transportation from the coop to the store in order to sell them, so simply use a trailer or a pickup.

Also, you should know that your chickens will be able to reproduce, which is good for you of course, so if you want to maximize it, make sure that you only own the chickens of the same species (color).

On the contrary, if you don’t want such high reproduction, then simply don’t have the same species and replace it with a different one.

You will need some time in order to track your reproduction rate, but afterward you will be able to make your own decisions on the size of the litter that you want to have.

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