What are the Best Big Tractor mods on Farming Simulator 22

What are the Best Big Tractor mods on Farming Simulator 22

What are the best big tractor mods on Farming Simulator 22?

There are many awesome Farming Simulator 22 tractor mod options out there. And so, it can get a little difficult to choose. However, while there are many good options – there are also a select few excellent options. It’s them that we are going to talk about in this post.

We tried nearly all FS22 tractor mods that we could find. These right here are some of our favorite big ones. (the list keeps getting updated – so check it out, and see if any new tractors have joined it)

Claas Axion 850

All of us have absolutely loved the Claas Axion 850. We loved it on FS19. We love it on FS22. And we’re probably going to love it as a throwback model on some future release of FS24. It looks good, drives good, and the mod is a perfect representation of how the tractor behaves in real life.

There are a lot of things that we could talk about here. Markie and Fritsie did an excellent job bringing this mod to life. For instance, the sounds are entirely realistic. And also, we definitely love some of the little things: such as the little animations of the steering console folding and unfolding each time the players get in and off the tractor. Such little things bring in a lot of additional realism to the game: so, we can only praise Markie and Fritsie for a job well done.

Fendt Vario 900 by Tom Truthan/Lukas2002 

Giants have included this excellent tractor in the newest FS22 release. And when Tom Truthan/Lukas2002  released the new version of the tractor, improving on the stock version, the fans were understandably hyped.

Price: € 272,000
Power: 305hp

How so? Well – this is, in the truest sense of the word, one super tractor, with several excellent models merged into one. What’s not to love about that?

This is a highly moddable model, letting you edit it as much as you wish. Getting a new paint job on this Fendt can (and will!) give it a new life. With some custom color combinations, it can easily turn into an excellent Challenger mod (although, the Custom Modding’s Challenger version brings it even closer to the real version).

Once again, the animations on this model are excellent. Windows and doors can easily be opened at the same time. And the movable real-life vehicle parts can be moved on the in-game version as well. Learn more about the Fendt Vario 900 here, and get it to install on your FS22 game.

New Holland T7000 (by Fendtfahrer15)

In real-life, the T7000 is absolutely excellent. It’s very well constructed, and has some impressive capabilities. And this mod by Fendtfahrer15 does the real-life model some serious justice. For instance, the real-life T7000 series tractors have slight differences and variations between themselves. The larger versions come with slightly bigger bonnets compared to the smaller versions. On the mod, this is perfectly reflected. Definitely a job well done.

Price: 162,000 €
Power: 280 hp

Another thing that’s rather tricky to replicate on the mods is the sheer power of the tractors. In the case of a T7000, there’s a lot of power that needs to be recreated. The mod absolutely reflects that: the moment you take off, you can genuinely feel the power that it wields. It is very similar to handling a powerful beast like that in real life. Good job to Fendtfahrer15 to building the small details and replicating the feel of this machine. This is much better than a lot of other tractors mods for FS22.

You can check this mod out, and get it for your game from here.

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What is FS22 mod use for:

Have you ever tried using Farming Simulator 22 mods? If not, it’s high time you do. This is the perfect place to find everything that you need to know! Farming Simulator 22 Mods will have a huge impact on your initial game. We are not saying that the original game is not good enough, but there is always room for improvement and extra challenge. We believe that you might want some more tools, more extensive choice of vehicles and other elements in your game. Also, the game itself provides you with different mods in order to solve disturbing bugs. Overall, FS22 mods help to lift the experience of the game, which makes it more interesting. LS 22 mods will enable you to create your own specific and unique experience and since there are many different FS22 mods, you can slowly introduce them into your game and make it completely your own. On the plus side, the LS 22 mods are all completely free, so don’t be afraid to try them out because you will not be charged any hidden fees. So, now you should definitely be convinced to download Farming Simulator 22 mods and begin customize your game!

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