What are the best maps to play on Farming Simulator 22

What are the best maps to play on Farming Simulator 22

FS 22 is an excellent game – and we do not doubt that you must be enjoying it a lot. However, it can get even better! That, of course, is all down to the FS 22 mods, that get released throughout the game’s existence, and vastly improve on the game. And what we want to take a closer look at in this post, is the map mods.

If you don’t know which Farming Simulator 22 best map mod is for you, have a look at the files on our site, and check the descriptions in order to see what options interest you the most. There are plenty of ways you can go with this game. You can choose a map that focuses on your preferred way of making money in the game, you can try and choose to replicate the preferred country’s landscape, or go all the way on making the game as challenging and interesting as possible.

Players love using the FS 22 best map mods because it includes unique experiences, not available in the stock installation of the game. Just a quick map update changes more than just the overall looks. It can change a lot more, and make the game as exciting and fresh as it was when it came out on Day 1. And so, if you wish to get them too, use the map mods and improve your gaming experience.

And don’t worry – you don’t need any extensive technical knowledge in order to install and use them. While editing the game’s files may sound a little bit intimidating, it just requires adding in a few small files. And since it’s an excellent way to quickly improve your game, it’s something absolutely worth doing. Just download one of the LS 22 best maps, get yourself the surroundings that you desire, and build the farm of your dreams. These LS 22 best maps will seriously improve what you can do with the game, and who doesn’t want that?

Here are our LS 2022 top 10 maps you can find:

Farming Legend Maps

This map brings an additional layer of realism to the game. This is a great way to improve both your farm, and the life around it. For example – pedestrians and traffic can now be doing actions in the game at the same time, and new activities, such as going to the restaurant are also available. It also further expands the trading within the game, and adds several different means of transport, like boat, train, or even a chairlift. It’s a great way to add some extra features and locations within the game.

Gold Crest Valley Production

This is a map pack to choose if you’re looking to use your farm for dairy purposes. The options for creating and selling dairy products vastly expands on the stock installation of the game. Also, there are options for having pig and cow food mixers, or woodcutters. Wish to go crazy for the dairy? This is the map to pick, and make the stock installation of the game more suitable to your specific preferences.

Farming In The Rocks

If you want a serious challenge that will ask you to be at your very best, this is the map pack to choose! This is a super hostile landscape map, offering – you guessed it – an extremely rocky environment, which is as difficult as they come when it’s all about the farming. You’ll need to go with livestock, that’s for sure – so pick the livestock you wish to be the best at, or go all the way, and try to work with them all at the same time. It’s up to you to decide on how you’ll navigate this…rocky challenge.


Dondiego is a 4-fold map, offering a lot of options for excellent yields. If you wish to have a loading place for sunflowers, and poppies, this is the right option to pick. And since it’s so massive, including plenty of field options, and several shopping centers, you are going to have an excellent time exploring and working on this map.

Lubelska Kraina

If you are looking to have a man running in Poland, this is the map that is going to bring you closest to reality. The Lubelska Kraina map includes everything you need to start working in this country. That includes plenty of fields of various sizes, as well as several sawmills, and machinery for bales, and wood chips. Well, we can talk a lot about it, but the main idea stays: it’s an excellent Poland-centered map that will let you best replicate the country’s experience.

Euro Farms

Euro Farms map is meant for those who wish to maximize the benefits of selling. For those who wish to make big money selling their big produce, Euro Farms has a designated spot for selling sugar beets, potatoes, shavings, and crops. Also, there are several great features for improving the overall gameplay, such as feeding options in the cowshed, as well as opening doors and gates.

GreenRiver Map

GreenRiver is a great map if you’re looking for supreme versatility. On it, you’ll be given good infrastructure to take part in several activities, such as working in the forests, working on agriculture, or raising livestock. It’s a massive map, too – with an area of a whopping 160 acres, you get fields upon fields to explore and to work with. Also, there’s another thing that we really like: the lights will automatically turn on at 9PM, saving you the hassle of turning them on manually. Hey, it’s a small thing – but a pretty exciting one, at that.

Hobbs Farm

If you are looking to push the game’s claim of representing reality even further, Hobbs Farm maps is going to be a great option for you. This map adds features, such as a bakery, grain mill, or even biopro facilities – and that’s actually pretty excellent, and brings the game even closer to reality. You can even set up a potato washer, the latest versions of a seed master, or even a chip fryer! Or, you can go deeper into agriculture, and use your rapeseed to produce canola oil. You see what we mean: Hobbs Farm map tries to go to the limits of your imagination. And then some.

Canadian National

This map focuses heavily on replicating the experience of farming in Canada. In fact, you’ll find that the newest edition of the Canada map looks a little bit different, with compost pallets being replaced with milk pallets. That’s because compost is no longer a viable option to use in greenhouses. In fact, the map’s dairy features are so heavily built in, you’ll need a Stop Milk Sale mod to disable it. But other than that, it’s an excellent mod that comes with all the interesting and exciting challenges of making the best out of the Great North. And don’t forget, here you can find all FS22 Map Mods to download.


Farming Simulator 22 mods

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What is FS22 mod use for:

Have you ever tried using Farming Simulator 22 mods? If not, it’s high time you do. This is the perfect place to find everything that you need to know! Farming Simulator 22 Mods will have a huge impact on your initial game. We are not saying that the original game is not good enough, but there is always room for improvement and extra challenge. We believe that you might want some more tools, more extensive choice of vehicles and other elements in your game. Also, the game itself provides you with different mods in order to solve disturbing bugs. Overall, FS22 mods help to lift the experience of the game, which makes it more interesting. LS 22 mods will enable you to create your own specific and unique experience and since there are many different FS22 mods, you can slowly introduce them into your game and make it completely your own. On the plus side, the LS 22 mods are all completely free, so don’t be afraid to try them out because you will not be charged any hidden fees. So, now you should definitely be convinced to download Farming Simulator 22 mods and begin customize your game!

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