Farming Simulator 22: ground more realistic and natural

Farming Simulator 22: ground more realistic and natural

In Farming Simulator 22, surfaces will appear more realistic and natural. Thanks to Parallax Occlusion Mapping we implemented in the GIANTS Engine 9. Parallax Occlusion will make the terrain and other surfaces in the game look more detailed and dynamic if the feature is turned on in the settings. Let’s take a look and see what’s actually happening.

What is Parallax Occlusion Mapping?

We’ll try to explain it as simple as possible: Parallax Occlusion Mapping is a technique that basically boosts the details of a textured surface to give it depth. Like the tire tracks on your field, trenching in the ground. They’re deeper now, and here’s why:

In the first step, Parallax Occlusion Mapping reduces a geometric complexity of a 3D model. Like the gravel on a road or even bricks in a wall, for example. The reduced surface details are transformed into a flat texture. When the model is rendered in the game, the surface details are put in a so-called “height map”. That’s what it looks like:

The height-map basically adds a depth to the otherwise flat surface. Imagine the height map as a geographical map with hills and valleys. Different colors mean different depths. As you can see in the height-map above – the darker the surface, the deeper it is. Based on this info stored in the image, the surface is then reconstructed in the game, appearing three-dimensional and realistic.

Yeah, but why Parallax Occlusion, though?

There are a couple of reasons to use Parallax Occlusion Mapping in video games like Farming Simulator 22 to achieve this effect. First of all, the result looks very realistic and certainly adds a depth to the surfaces in the game. Doesn’t it look neat? Just take a loot at these visualizations of surfaces gaining depth.

Then, of course, it’s performance-friendly. The degree of Parallax Occlusion Mapping is determined by your hardware and graphical settings. This way, we can improve Farming Simulator further while still keeping it hardware-friendly for every gamer out there.

If your system can handle it, crank up the settings, and you’ll get the best possible result. If not, don’t worry – you can still play Farming Simulator 22 with lowered settings and Parallax Occlusion turned off.

So, how will the game look?

Roads, fields, walls and buildings: You’ll notice the improved surfaces everywhere when walking around in Elmcreek, Erlengrat and… well, the third one we’ll show you soon.

We’re still working on Parallax Occlusion Mapping, but with those first comparisons, you should get a good sense for what to expect.

Please take in mind that the effect may not be properly reflected in still images compared to live gameplay when Farming Simulator 22 with finalized Parallax Occlusion Mapping is released and running on your system.

To wrap this up for now, take a closer look at the ground. Doesn’t it seem like you’d feel more alive walking on this rocky path barefoot? Yeah, nice right?

Stay tuned for more!

Farming Simulator 22 will be available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia on November 22nd. Pre-order now to receive the CLAAS XERION SADDLE TRAC Pack for free!

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