Farming Simulator 22 Money Cheat

Farming Simulator 22 Money Cheat

Looking to get some Farming Simulator 22 money mods? If you’re playing on PC, you don’t even need it.

Simply follow this instruction:

  1. Start the game
  2. Save your game right now (just in case!)
  3. Go to: farmingsimulator2022/savegame1, or a similar folder, called like your save.
  4. Find the farms.xml file
  5. Open the file with Notepad
  6. Find the line called “money=”1000.000”
  7. Change the example to a bigger numerical value, i.e. “Money=”10000000”.
  8. Save the farms.xml file
  9. Start the game
  10. You’re done!

This method is a quick way to add a lot of cash to your save file on Farming Simulator 22. It’s efficient, and incredibly simple.

Check out this video right here: it will explain all the basic details and retrace these steps right here.

But of course, there are also some Farming Simulator 22 money cheat methods that work on Xbox and PlayStation as well.

Farming Simulator 22 Money Cheat for Playstation and Xbox

This is the Farming Simulator 22 money cheat, that works well on consoles – that means Playstation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It’s not even a cheat per se – it’s a strategy that lets you make use of the game’s mechanics and quickly get several millions for your farm.

Tutorial on how to make money on Farming Simulator 22

We all want various awesome machinery available in the game. Sadly, it’s quite expensive. Luckily, there are some easy ways on how this can get done. You know what I’m talking about, huh? Let’s have a look at how to quickly get some of that cheddar.

Before we move on

As you’re doing this money cheat, it’d be best to make sure not to disturb the game, i.e. have the controller disconnected: it’s very important to keep all the peripherals and the console itself in one stable position.

For that, make sure that the controller is plugged in with a wire, and that when left on standby, the console doesn’t automatically turn off.

Here’s how you do it on Xbox:

  1. Tap two times on the Xbox button to open the guide menu
  2. Locate and pick the Settings menu at the bottom
  3. Pick “All Settings”
  4. Pick “Power & Startup”
  5. Turn “Turn off automatically” to “Don’t turn off automatically”.

Now, let’s move on to the fun stuff: these tips, hints, and methods below will all contribute to you making more money from your FS22 console game. It can be done on most maps and difficulties, here we’re going to play on good old Goldcrest Valley.

Sell Starting Equipment

To make sure that you make enough money, you have to make a loop, in which every day you automatically make money you lose.

But before we move on to using the FS22 money mod, we need to cut some expenses right from the bat.

Start a new save, and then:

  1. Choose the Shop button (View/Back on Xbox) to open the shop
  2. Choose the Garage section (Y on Xbox) to see all of the equipment available
  3. Locate all of the machinery that costs 100 and over currency daily in terms of maintenance.
  4. Pick all of these expensive items and sell them
  5. On Easy difficulty, the things you should sell are New Holland 8340, Case 1660 Axial-Flow, Case 1455 XL (2), and Case 1030 14FT.

Of course, selling the machinery like this won’t make you much money. Ideally, you’ll only get around 23% of the value. But no worries, we’ll get all of this back in just a few days.

Borrow More Money

You gotta accumulate to speculate…that’s how the saying goes, right? Whatever it is, you still need to put some money together in order to start growing it.

For that, we’re going to borrow it. No worries, you’ll return it later!

  1. Pick the menu button
  2. Choose the Finances tab (swap them with bumpers on Xbox)
  3. Now, borrow the biggest amount of money possible – choose Borrow 5000, and go all the away, until you pick the biggest possible sum: 250,000.

Invest In Solar Panels

When all of this money is collected, you can move on to the fun part – investing into solar panels. This way, you can easily gain 110/h with no supervision or maintenance costs required. Back in the Farming Simulator 15, the gains were 380/h. It’s funny: you’d imagine the efficiency of solar panels would’ve made it bigger in the new game but oh well!

  1. Pick the Shop Button (Back on Xbox) in order to open the shop
  2. Category sorting will be applied automatically – so move right into Placeables.
  3. Pick the Solar Collector and keep it close, somewhere where the vehicles will not be obstructed.
  4. Get the second panel, place it pretty closely to the previous one.
  5. Voila, you just spent all of your money.

Now, as the panels are all nicely set and chugging along, let’s speed up your cash collection process a little bit.

  1. Choose the Menu (Start on Xbox)
  2. Choose the Game Settings tab (swipe between tabs with bumpers
  3. Set the Timescale all the way up to 120x.
  4. Turn the Plant Withering off in Settings. When on Easy difficulty, keep all the settings on by default.
  5. Save the game by clicking the X button (on Xbox), and exit the menu.

When the game speed is increased all the way to 120, 60 seconds in real time translates to a whole day in-game.

So, now let’s munch the numbers a little bit to see where that leaves us. Even when you’re using one solar collection, you can make 298 every single minute, with all maintenance costs already reduced. But we’re going double! So, you’ll make a solid 596 a minute. This all turns to 35760 every hour. Which is impressive.

But not impressive enough.

In order to get the best machinery, and to keep the cashflow consistent enough, you’ll need to set up a total of 8 solar panels. So, the gig here is simple. Keep the solar panels running long enough to afford a new one. Then a new one. Then another one. Do it until you get all 8. You can do it whenever you have plenty of idle time: maybe at nighttime. And remember to keep on saving, in case something unexpected happens.

Now, the natural question is: “should I bother getting all 8 of them in? One or two seems plenty, and it should take so much more time!”.

To answer it briefly, yes: it’s worth it.

To demonstrate, here’s a little list of how long will it take to earn 125,000 (for one solar panel), as you carry on with your building process.

  • 2 solar panels and collectors – 3.5 hours.
  • 3 solar panels and collectors – 2 hours 20 minutes.
  • 4 solar panels and collectors – 1 hour 45 minutes.
  • 5 solar panels and collectors – 1 hour 25 minutes.
  • 6 solar panels and collectors – 1 hour 10 minutes.
  • 7 solar panels and collectors – 1 hour.
  • 8 solar panels and collectors – 53 minutes.

Obviously – the more panels you have, the easier it is to make money. And since it’s passive income, it’s worth spending a bit more time. Because oh, you’re need a bunch of money for this next step:

Make it All Count With Windmills

The real money begins when you start using windmills. At 1.2 million a pop, they’re expensive.

But at 1500 a minute, the windmills are quick at bringing in the big bucks. With all the maintenance costs accounted for, wind power collectors can bring in up to 179,760 per hour.

In order to get the 1.2 million required for the windmill, you really need to have your solar panel operation up and ready. If you have 2 or 3 of them, getting to 1.2 million will take forever.

But, with all 8 panels ready and working, you’ll get this massive sum in 8 hours and 23 minutes. Which, coincidentally, is just about how long one night takes. So, I suggest keeping the game running all the way through the night: this is why it’s important to make sure that the console doesn’t turn off automatically. Also, this gets you ‘In for the Long Haul’ and ‘Peak Profits’ achievements.

When 1.2 million is already nice and snuggly waiting in your account, do this:

  1. Click the Shop button (Back on Xbox) to open the shop
  2. Category sorting will be applied automatically – so move right into Placeables.
  3. Pick the windmill, and place it near the solar panels.

How many windmills should you add? Honestly, it’s all up to you. We personally think that getting at least a few is a pretty good idea. They’ll help you to gather a lot of money, even after you leave the supersonic speed mode.

And of course, we did the counting at how much time it would take for you to save up enough money to get the required 1.2 million for a new windmill.

  • With 1 windmill, and 8 solar panels – 3 hours 44 minutes
  • With 2 windmills, and 8 solar panels – 2 hours 24 minutes
  • With 3 windmills, and 8 solar panels – 1 hour 45 minutes
  • With 4 windmills, and 8 solar panels – 1 hour 24 minutes
  • With 5 windmills, and 8 solar panels – 1 hour 10 minutes
  • With 6 windmills, and 8 solar panels – 59 minutes
  • With 7 windmills, and 8 solar panels – 52 minutes
  • With 8 windmills, and 8 solar panels – 46 minutes

With enough windmills, you can make a lot of money very quickly. You can get very quickly to 1 million in an hour if you place enough windmills. Now, you can very quickly repay all of your loans, and enjoy your newfound financial independence.

Congratulations, new rich farmer!

At the end, it’s all really simple. The more energy you produce, the better. And so, with a bit of early investment into energy, you can quickly make a lot of money in just a few days – similarly to using Farming Simulator 22 money cheat on PC. With that money, there are boundless options for you to expand and build a farm of your dreams.

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