First FS22 Interview – New Updates and Features

First FS22 Interview – New Updates and Features

In an interview, Lars ‘Lisertan’ Malcharek, the community manager of GIANTS Software has answered some big questions about the newest FS22 game.

Here are the best things that we learned about the release:

Seasons mod – but better

The Seasons mod is very well known to pretty much every player of FS17 and FS19. GIANTS Software has more or less confirmed that they’re finally coming up with a built-in solution of their own, adding seasons to the game.

But it’s going to be more complex than the version we already know and love. “There will be more seasons”, was the quote, concerning this update. So, we can probably expect certain “in-between” seasons, to better appeal to the hardcore player market.

Certain features of the Seasons functionality will be able to be deleted too, similar to various other functions in the game.

The EU map

Eagle eyed fans have noticed some small details on the promotional screenshots, that could lead to a possible new Southern European map. With a Massey Ferguson tractor, French licence plate, and a specific style of building, many believe this to be a teaser of a new location.

Lisertan praised the fans on their findings, but was unable to confirm or deny the details of the new map being available.

Individual license plates

Lisertan was able to confirm the FS22 will include individualized license plates. It is still not fully known, to what extent will the players be able to do it – but it’s great to see this feature available, nonetheless.


Farming Simulator fans have been famously asking for this – the opportunity to play the game togethers with friends on different devices has always been a dream. Lisertan admitted that GIANTS Software is doing all in its power to get PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players under the same hood. However, the ball is not in their field anymore, it’s all between Sony and Microsoft to decide. Lisertan also added, that since there are already games that can do crossplay, there are some good chances but nothing serious is yet confirmed.

Console slots

GIANTS Software has already announced this officially – its blog entry talked about the fact there will be more slots for consoles. Lisertan noted that this is thanks to the increased capabilities of the new generation of consoles – PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. However, the previous generation will get a bump too, thanks to the further optimization of the GIANTS Engine 9.0.

Release date

FS22 will be released on Q4 of 2021 (that’s October to December). There will not be a live event – for all the COVID related reasons that we all know. Lisertan mentioned that GIANTS will switch to a digital version for any additional events or releases about FS22.


What is FS22 mod use for:

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