FS22 Follow Me Mod

FS22 Follow Me Mod

Click here to view this amazing presentation on Farming Simulator 22 mods: Follow Me mod by Decker_MMIV.

Follow Me mod is considered to be one of the most useful additions to Farming Simulator 22 game. You’re wondering why? It’s because this mod lets you control several machines at once.

Quick Follow Me Guide

If you want this mod to work then there will have to be a primary machine. It could be a machine that you’re driving – then just get other vehicles to follow close to the primary machine so that it can be followed. After you do this, click Right Ctrl + F and turn on the mod.

If Follow me cannot be turned on, then just get your vehicles to come even closer to the primary machine.

If you want, the AI worker can also drive the primary machine, but what’s important to note is that you have to make sure all other vehicles are already following the primary machine before you put the AI worker to drive it.

Clicking Right Ctrl + F will make your vehicles stop following the primary machine.

Set the Distance

Before you set up your follower machines for driving, it is good to set a nice distance. You should do this before you set up Courseplay or turn on your workers. It can be done very easily by Right Ctrl + W (closer) and Right Ctrl + S (further behind).

If you want, you can also change the distance from the primary vehicles. In order to do that, you need to turn around to the follower machine and click Right Shift + S or Right Shift + W and your distance will be set.

It is also possible that the follower machines would be driving in front of the primary machine.

To the Sides

It is possible to offset the following machines to the right or left. This can be needed if you want one of those machines to follow another one – a forage harvester or combine. This can help you to complete your fieldwork way quicker.

When you are sitting in the following machines, click Right Ctrl + D to offset to the right and Right Ctrl + A to offset to the left. When you click Right Ctrl + X it will help you to get the following machine behind the primary leading one. If you double press the same combination, it will switch to the other side.

In order to lead the following machines from your primary machine, just click on the Right Shift.

More Commands

If you read the instructions above, you should be able to begin using Follow Me mod in the Farming Simulator 22. But we think that you could benefit from couple of other useful commands while you’re driving:

  • If you do this: Right Shift + H then your follower machine will either resume or stop following.
  • If you do this: Right Shift + F then your primary leading machine will lose the following machines.

These are just some of our suggestions that you could do, there are so many more things that you can do:

  • Create a huge convoy
  • Do huge harvests
  • Make your silaging even more efficient

FS 22 Follow Me

Decker_MMIV’sFollow Me addon is with me all the time. I can’t play a new Farming Simulatorgame properly until it has been converted.

It is not possible anymore to play Farming Simulator 22 without the Decker_MMIV’s Follow Me mod anymore, it’s so good!

But we think you should know this:

  1. If you’re going to be using this mod, it can get expensive because all the drivers will have to be paid.
  2. The mod doesn’t do anything to the implements, so you will have to turn it on manually before you can put the pulling machine in the following state.

Some more details:

  • Mod: Follow Me.
  • Credits: Decker_MMIV.
  • Category: Script Mods | Gameplay.
  • Errors: Nope.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

Changelog -Collision On/Off

You should know that the new version of Decker_MMIV has released an updated version of this mod. The new version includes an option to activate or turn off a collision detector sensor (checkout F1 Help menu for that). In addition, the updated version fixed the small bug related to 1.51.1 Patch and flashing lights.

How to Download

If you want to try out this mod, you can simply download from the official in-game modhub – Farming Simulator 22 modhub. Also, you can find it here.

FS22 Mods

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What is FS22 mod use for:

Have you ever tried using Farming Simulator 22 mods? If not, it’s high time you do. This is the perfect place to find everything that you need to know! Farming Simulator 22 Mods will have a huge impact on your initial game. We are not saying that the original game is not good enough, but there is always room for improvement and extra challenge. We believe that you might want some more tools, more extensive choice of vehicles and other elements in your game. Also, the game itself provides you with different mods in order to solve disturbing bugs. Overall, FS22 mods help to lift the experience of the game, which makes it more interesting. LS 22 mods will enable you to create your own specific and unique experience and since there are many different FS22 mods, you can slowly introduce them into your game and make it completely your own. On the plus side, the LS 22 mods are all completely free, so don’t be afraid to try them out because you will not be charged any hidden fees. So, now you should definitely be convinced to download Farming Simulator 22 mods and begin customize your game!

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