Implement Wear Info Hud v1.0

Implement Wear Info Hud v1.0

A small hud displaying the condition, damage and paint condition of the currently controlled vehicle and its attached implements/tools. Multiplayer supported.

The goal of this mod is to make it easier to keep an eye on the wear and condition of your tools by not having to scroll through the owned vehicles list every time.
The hud shows the name, the ‘short-term condition’, and the ‘long-term damage’ of the current vehicle and each of the implements/tools attached.
– The condition of a vehicle is what is also displayed at the top right of the speedometer. In the vanilla game this is only displayed for the vehicle itself or the currently selected implement, but not all at the same time. The wear is only short-term, since it can be fully repaired at the shop.
– The damage of a vehicle is not displayed anywhere, and actually impacts the performance of a vehicle or tool by lowering its horsepower and/or working speed. The damage is now even more important, since discounted vehicles and implements come with a certain level of damage, while brand new vehicles do not. You will be warned when this value drops below a certain percentage.

Vehicles and implements whose condition does not affect the performance yet (condition = 100%) are shown in white. When the condition reaches a level where it affects the performance (condition < 100%) it is shown in orange. Once the wear reaches a point where performance is heavily affected (condition < 50%), it is shown in red.
All three colours and both warning levels are configurable in the settings XML file.

A settings XML file will be created after loading a save with the mod for the first time. These settings are global across all saves.
Settings that can be changed include: Warning level, text colour and size, hud position, and more…

Default Controls:
– left ctrl + keypad 8 : Switch between display modes (only condition, condition and damage, etc)
– left ctrl + keypad 2 : Reload settings from the XML settings file

Some updates might reset your saved settings


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