John Deere & New Holland Tractors in FS22

John Deere & New Holland Tractors in FS22

Today we want to share with you heavy tractors which can be used with different implement tools in your farm. We are getting closer and closer to Farming Simulator 22 launch. Who else is ready for the 22nd? So, let’s start with the most popular machines such as John Deere or New Holland today.

John Deere 8RX Series Tractor

You can attach any cultivator to this machine. It perfectly works with Kockerlink Vector 800 cultivator for example.

  • Engine: 263 – 337 kW / 357 – 458 hp
  • Fuel Tank: 851 l / 37 l DEF
  • Weight: 20 t
  • Price: 351000eur
  • Gearbox: Variable (CTV) / PowerShift
  • Speed: 40 kph / 24 mph

The second heavy tractor is New Holland T7 HD series model which can be used with Balers or Wrapper if needed. It has less power than John Deere, but it is cheaper and its max speed is better.

New Holland T7 HD series

  • Engine: 201- 230 kW / 273 – 313 hp
  • Fuel Tank: 410 l – 630 l / 96 l DEF
  • Weight: 10.6 t
  • Price: 227500eur
  • Gearbox: Variable (CTV)
  • Speed: 50 kph / 31 mph

What is more, we have extra news! As you already know that cows will be in the game. You will be able to have cows on your farm, so how about special vehicles to care your animals? We are sure, you will need Forage Mixer wagon to feed your animals, so here it is:

Siloking Selfline 4.0 Premium 2215-22

  • Type: Forage Mixed Wagon
  • Engine: 160 kW / 218 hp
  • Fuel Tank: 200 l / 26 l DEF
  • Weight: 14.1 t
  • Price: 204,500 eur
  • Gearbox: Variable (CTV)
  • Speed: 40 kph / 22 mph
  • Capacity: 22 m3

On the other hand, you can use a cow barn with Lely Vector which price 722500 eur, or a Hormann brand cow barn (large), but you will pay 518500 for it. They can care for up to 80 cows.


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