Keyboard Controls in Farming Simulator 22

Keyboard Controls in Farming Simulator 22

Finally, Farming Simulator 22 is getting such a big update in the game history – they’re presenting a huge variety of vehicle rosters. The community has been heard and such big names in the industry as John Deere – the biggest agriculture vehicle company in the world has been added as well as New Holland, Challenger, Valtra, Massey Ferguson, Krone, Deutz-Fahr and most likely many more.

There will be so many new features in the new Farming Simulator 22 because it will have some new American and European environments. It will allow players to expand the farm with brand new vehicles, new crops such as oats, barley, cotton and also new animals like horses. You will be able to take care of all your animals – cows, sheep, chickens or pigs – and discover new ways around your farm.

Farming Simulator 22 Keyboard Controls for PC game version.

We wanted to share with you the latest shortcuts for the keyboard in the new Farming Simulator 22.

General Controls

General controls in Farming Simulator 22:

  • Crouch – Ctrl
  • Activate a Hand Tool / Pick-Up – LMB
  • Throw – RMB
  • Flashlight – F
  • Activate Object – R
  • Enter a Vehicle – E
  • Choose a Hand Tool – 1 + 2
  • Jump – Space
  • Next Vehicle – TAB
  • Menu – ESC
  • Camera – C
  • Zoom In / Zoom Out – Mouse Wheel
  • Movement – WASD

Vehicle Controls

Vehicle controls in Farming Simulator 22:

  • Vehicle Special Functionalities (ex. Unlocking Combine Doors) – C + X + Z
  • Connect / Disconnect a Tool – Q
  • Choose a Connected Tool – G
  • Enable Minimap – 9
  • Enable / Disable Engine – Enter
  • Deploy Cargo – I
  • Dumper – Dumping Side – U
  • Transport Lines – Attach / Remove – T
  • Assign a Worker – H
  • Help Menu (with Controls List) – F1
  • Lower/Raise a Tool (ex. Mower) – V
  • Horn – O
  • Sliding Out the Pipe (ex. Combine) – O
  • Unlock/Close the Lid (ex. Trailers) – N
  • Deploy Cargo in a Restricted Area – Ctrl + I
  • Lights (3 modes) – F
  • Lower/Raise all the Tools – Ctrl + V

Be aware that all the above controls in the Farming Simulator 22 consist of keyboard keys, the mouse and mouse buttons combination. You can also change up the keys by utiziling the Controls tab, just go to the Options in the main menu of the game. That is the place to swap your keys if you feel the need to make it more personal for you.

That’s it, this is all we wanted to inform you about Farming Simulator 22 Keyboard Control. We wish it helps you in the game and let us know by commenting if there is anything more that we should share with the community.


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