Kinze 1050/850 carts v1.0

Kinze 1050/850 carts v1.0

Well, the day has come to do my first release! I’ve always loved the 1050/850 carts from Kinze so I thought this would be a great first project. Got all the lights working, all tire options work, auger folds/unfolds, and tarp rolls/unrolls. Thanks to the help of Diniz Farms – Farming Simulator Modding for guiding me along on questions I had! So make sure if you haven’t given his page a like and a follow be sure you do! Original mod credits got to SFI Modding for releasing these in 19. This is v1 so be on the lookout for some changes that will be coming out for it in the following weeks.

Rafter E Modding

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