MAZ Pack v2.0.0.0

MAZ Pack v2.0.0.0

I bring to your attention a pack of equipment based on the MAZ truck.

The pack contains:
MAZ 6312 ZSK – planter tanker
MAZ 6312 frame for the installation of modules
MAZ 6501 – 45 m3 dump truck

There are 4 motors from 400 to 530 hp, all with original voice acting

Tuning options:
7 wheel options
High/low cab
Dashboard selection
Color selection
License plate configurations (Russia/Ukraine/Belarus/Kazakhstan)
Kenguryatnik (3 types)

2 Platforms with/without awning
Autoload works with Achimobil’s Pallet Autoload Specialization mod)

Vehicle transportation module
Animal transport module
3 dump truck modules (from 19 to 35 thousand liters)
manure spreader
3 cargo transfer modules with pipe/conveyor
Module – refueling seeders
fertilizer spreader
2 tanks for 16 and 20 cubes
Module – sprayer, for applying liquid fertilizers and herbicides
Manure/digestate tanker complete with 2 manure spreaders 7 and 36 m
3 modules for transporting logs, 2 of them with a crane
Autoloading logs works with the Universal Autoload mod
Module for collecting and transporting round bales.

All presented machines and units are taken from mods that are in the public domain.
This is NOT a private pack from Trigada.
Pak made by me for myself. It is quite possible that there are flaws that I missed.
Decided to share, maybe someone will be interested.
I don’t have any errors in the log. It is recommended to have mods Config Limit Change and More Design Configs Master,
so that there are no warnings about a large number of configurations.

Version 2.0
Added 2-axle modular four-wheel drive truck MAZ 5550
2 motors, lining, 4 types of wheels, license plate, kenguryatnik
Modules for it:
Fertilizer spreader MVU 8
fuel tank
Liquid manure tank
Seeder Refueler
Body dump truck for 8 – 12 cubes
manure spreader

For MAZ 6312 and 6501 models, the wheel arrangement has been changed to 6×4 (was 6×2)
Added color selection for the ZSK body
Added a module for treating roads with salt
Added snow plow (can be attached to both modular trucks).

Authors of original 3D models: Cheb_mods, Kerl, GIANTS Software, HR Forst und Fahrzeugbau, 82Studio
Sounds: YaMZ – AiBoLiT, Cummins and Mercedes – from the Internet.


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