RealSeason v1.0.0.0

RealSeason v1.0.0.0

The mod below changes the default season in FS22 to a new improved one. Below are the changes that have been made to the mod. ATTENTION! BEFORE INSTALLING THE MOD, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW

– Improved lighting by adding HDR effect. The dynamics of the image has been increased and shadows have been made more visible by changing the tonal range of the image. As a result, the colors are more pleasant and the shadows more expressive.
– Adjusted the contrast of the image, the default lighting of FS22 has a very strongly enhanced image contrast, which makes the whole game very “sweet”
– Darker nights and more spectacular sunrises and sunsets have been introduced
– Added default “fog in the distance” glow, which makes the image more expressive and subdued
– Added new shaders for trees, it allowed to darken the textures of trees especially in the spring season and change their color to less red during the autumn season
– Changed the texture of the lime spread on the fields to a darker one more suited to the lighting
– Adjusted the weather conditions to the general climate of Poland. Now during the winter there are lower temperatures and there is a greater probability of snowfall and thus its longer retention throughout the winter. The distribution of temperatures for other seasons has also changed. In the spring there are morning fogs and little rainfall, during the summer there is uncertainty about the harvest due to more storms and rainfall (according to the Polish climate, there may be a year when harvesting something from the field will be really hard).
In autumn, there are both morning fogs and evening mist as well as frost. Winter means lower temperatures than in the basic season and a greater probability of snowfall.
– Corrected latitude data which affects sunrise and sunset times in different months and seasons. Now in June the sun rises around 5 am and sets after 9:30 pm. In winter, the sun rises at 8am and sets at 3pm.

Installation process
– Unpack the RealSeason[UNPACK].zip archive
– Run the install_RealSeason.bat installation file
– The installer will ask you to enter the letter of the drive where Farming Simualtor 22 has been installed. It can be either lowercase or uppercase.
– The installer will find the Farming Simualtor 22 installation path itself. You will be asked why you need to enter a drive letter – this is for optimization reasons
– If everything goes well and we hope so :D, the installer will show a message that the RealSeason mod has been installed correctly. You can then close the installer window and launch Farming Simualtor 22
– Play and enjoy the improved Season for FS22

Security of game saves
Many people will probably wonder if the installation of this mod will not cause the loss or damage of a given save. The answer is no, you don’t have to worry about anything. The mod does not interfere with any save.

Does the mod edit game files?
This is how the mod edits the game files, due to the limitations of the LUA language, an installation script had to be created. This also has its limitations. When you use Steam and the Farming Simulator 22 update comes out, some files may be changed.
In this case, the mod will reinstall itself.

Will uninstalling the mod using the UNINSTALL option restore the previous state of the game files.
Yes, the RealSeason installation script creates copies of the files it changes and restores the original files if the mod is uninstalled.

Possible errors and shortcomings
The RealSeason project will be constantly developed, all comments and errors will be checked and fixed. At this moment, I wanted to release the most polished version of the revised seasons. However, I realize that there are still some things to improve. Errors and shortcomings can be reported to DC: haker146#0856


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What is FS22 mod use for:

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