Wood Pellet Factory v1.1.0.0

Wood Pellet Factory v1.1.0.0

Fully animated wood pellet production, this pellet is used to heat homes or other buildings via a boiler or pellet stove.

– enlargement of the zone without pellets under tremis 1
– enlargement of the tremis 1 trigger
– enlargement trigger pellet bag
– increase production to 10 pallets of pellets per day
– unloading of bales of wood authorized in tremis 1
– weight of empty pallets reduced to 170 kg
– problem of brilliance of the animation of the bags in the factory
– added detail to the ground
– reduction of the shine of wood cladding
– factory collision correction
– revised blue rack texture
– addition of the “Lizard Energy” logo to the pallet pellets

This production facility is housed in 2 wood-clad buildings measuring 48m x 25m x 10m. One version of the building has 3 sliding doors and the other has 2 sliding doors, open on one side.
To produce your wood pellets, the raw material is wood shavings from the game (either by crushing wood or harvesting poplar). You’ll also need to buy rolls of bags and empty pallets from the store.
The wood shavings are emptied into a large hopper, and 2 conveyor belts pour the pellets into a 2nd hopper, before they are fed into a cylindrical press which, with its rapid rotation, crushes the wood shavings into sawdust and presses them into pellets. A blower propels them through pipes to the bagging area, where rolls of empty bags, which can be purchased from the store, are placed. Then it’s off to the palletizer, where you place empty pallets that can also be bought from the store. The wood pellet chain comes to an end, and the pallets are placed in the storage racks.
You’ll now be able to transport your pallets of wood pellets to your pellet drive(s) (which you’ve purchased beforehand and placed on the map), where residents will be able to come and buy bags of wood pellets 24/7 and earn you money.
This mod also offers the 2 building versions without the factory.

– Price of the 2 factory versions: 195500 $
– Daily maintenance for the 2 factory versions: 35 $.
– Production 8 pallets per day

– Price of a roll of bags (480 bags): 150 $
– Price of 11 empty pallets: 400 $
– Price of point of sale (Drive): 14500 $

– Price of 2 versions of empty building: €55500
– Daily maintenance of the 2 versions of the empty building: 10 $.
The use of this mod as a mod required for a map is fully authorized.


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